Breast Reduction Surgery- Common Facts Everyone Should Know About 

Breast Reduction Surgery- Common Facts Everyone Should Know About 

Enlarged breasts are a major problem for women for both medical and aesthetic concerns. Large breasts seem like a heavy weight lifted off the chest. It causes many medical problems including backache, neck pain, shoulder grooves due to bra straps, etc.

Besides, large breasts affect the overall personality of a person. Needless to mention the limited options for clothes. In today’s time, when the focus is more on aesthetic appeal, and people are conscious about the way they look, heavy breasts really make a difference and affect women’s self-esteem.

There is nothing to worry about because, today, every problem has a solution, and the same is the case for large breasts. Most of you must have heard of breast reduction surgery. It removes excess breast tissue and helps you achieve the desired breast size. The procedure is painful and requires a recovery time to enjoy maximum benefits, but the results are worth the wait.

However, the results depend on the experience of the plastic surgeon. Dubai has become a hub for plastic and cosmetic surgeries. That is why there are qualified, experienced, and best plastic surgeons in Dubai clinics, making it the best place to get the surgery.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure of reducing breasts for large cup sizes. It works by removing fat, tissues, and skin from the breast, thereby reducing its size to the desired point. Having said that, the choice of getting the surgery depends on the patient’s preference. Apart from aesthetic reasons, doctors also recommend breast reduction surgery if it becomes a cause of different medical problems like backache, neck pain, etc.

Are Breast Reduction And Breast Lift Surgeries The Same?

Many people think of breast reduction surgery and breast lift surgery as the same procedure. The reason for the confusion is that doctors often perform breast lift surgery as well during breast reduction surgery. However, patients must know the difference to make a choice for the right procedure.

Breast reduction surgery involves removing breast tissues and skin to reduce the size. However, in breast lift surgery, the surgeon removes excess skin only to lift and shape the sagging breasts. You can combine the two procedures to get reduced, contoured, and tighter breasts.  

Measurement In Grams

Surgeons, in most cases, do not measure the breast size in cup size. The reason is that the cup size varies from brand to brand. As every brand has different sizes for the same cup, it is not possible to identify the correct breast size you want to achieve. That is why surgeons measure the size in grams of breast tissues. In case you do not know about the measurements in grams, there is nothing to worry about. Your surgeons will hear your concerns and suggest the appropriate grams and help you understand the measurement procedure.

The Initial Phase Is Difficult

As mentioned above, breast reduction surgery is painful as it involves incisions and sutures. That is why the initial phase would be difficult. It is not uncommon for soreness in the breasts for several days. However, you are recommended to abide by the doctor’s advice and medicines to subside the pain and heal quickly. Furthermore, you will also feel numbness around the nipples and itchiness in the incision areas. Make sure not to scratch, as it will harm the stitches. Apply lotion and creams prescribed by the doctors to minimize the sensation.

You Will Have To Bear Drains

It may seem scary but drains help in releasing the extra fluids and blood from the treated area. These drains are flexible tubes that sit under your skin. They can reduce swelling and discomfort during the healing process. These drains will be removed after a week.

Limited Activities

Although doctors recommend walking soon after the surgery, you need to restrict exercise, jogging, or other such activities after the surgery. You may start a slight physical workout after 6 to 10 weeks, but it takes almost 6 months to heal completely and get back to normal.

Shocking Views After Removing The Bandage

Be prepared that you will see brushing and scars once the bandage is removed. You will also notice swelling that takes several weeks to subside completely. However, bruising will subside in 7 to 10 days. However, the skills of the surgeon matter to get the least side effects. That is why experts recommend Breast reduction Dubai procedures because the emirate has skilled and experienced surgeons that guarantee the best results.

To conclude, breast reduction is a painful procedure, but the results are amazing. Studies show that most women get satisfied results and experience improved self-esteem and quality of life. However, make sure to get the case done by a certified professional for the best results. 


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