What are Some Beneficial Effects of Green Tea?


People have discovered the health benefits of green tea for centuries. Various researches prove that consuming green tea can positively impact skin health, assist with weight loss, and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, green tea is an excellent drink, but the required quantity of green tea needs to be balanced. Research has also shown that mouth dissolving green tea strips are ideal for keeping the proper dose of required green tea.

Green Tea and its Various Health Benefits 

People used to have green tea in conventional Indian and Chinese medicine to control bleeding and for healing the wounds, improve digestion, mental health, heart health, and control body temperature.

Green tea is prepared from unoxidized leaves. It is one of the least refined tea types. In consequence, it involves many antioxidants and advantageous polyphenols.

Research has shown that green tea may benefit liver disorders, weight loss, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. Here are the possible health benefits that you can get by consuming green tea:

1. Green tea has essential bioactive compounds 

Green tea is just beyond a hydrating drink. The green tea plant consists of many healthy compositions, making it the ultimate drink.

Tea comes with the essentials of polyphenols, which are organic compounds with health advantages like decreasing inflammation and assisting in fighting cancer.

Green tea includes catechin known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Catechin is a natural antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and gives different benefits.

EGCG is one of the strongest compounds present in green tea. Studies have shown its power to support the treatment of several diseases. It seems to be one of the essential compounds that provide green tea with its medicinal features.

2. Green tea increases fat burning 

If you check the ingredients list for any fat-burning additive, the possibilities are that green tea would be included there. This is because, as per the research, green tea can boost fat burning and metabolic rate.

3. Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer 

The uninhibited growth of cells produces cancer and is one of the main reasons for death. Green tea is the best source of potent antioxidants. Various experimental studies show that green tea users are less likely to have cancer, but more advanced research is required to verify these effects.

4. Green tea improves the brain functions 

Not just can green tea increase brain function in a short period, but it can also safeguard your brain as your age increases. Alzheimer’s disease is a general neurodegenerative disorder and the most normal cause of dementia in older people. Parkinson’s disease is one more general neurodegenerative disorder and includes the end of dopamine-developing neurons in the brain.

5. Green tea lessens type 2 diabetes 

The cases of type 2 diabetes have been growing in the present decades. Type 2 diabetes includes increased blood sugar levels driven by insulin resistance or incapability to yield insulin. Research shows that green tea can increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels.

6. Green tea prevents cardiovascular problems 

Cardiovascular disorders involving heart problems and stroke are the key causes of death around the world.

It has been proved that green tea can grow a few key risk factors for these health problems, enhancing overall cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.

Green tea is also capable of improving the antioxidant contents of the blood, which safeguards the LDL components from oxidation, which is a single part of the way to heart problems.

Provided the advantageous impacts on risk factors, it cannot be unexpected that individuals who have green tea can have up to a 31% lesser risk of passing away from cardiovascular disorders.

7. Green tea helps with weight loss 

Research shows that green tea can raise the metabolic rate in the short term. Also, it helps in losing weight. This tea reduces body fat, specifically in the abdominal region.

8. Green tea improves the quality of life 

Various studies have proved that some elements in green tea can safeguard against cancer and heart problems, so it makes a possibility that it will help you live for an extended period.

9. Green tea lowers blood pressure 

Likewise, by lowering cholesterol levels, green tea may protect heart health by reducing blood pressure. The ability of green tea to decrease blood pressure may be due to its high antioxidant content. These antioxidants lessen inflammation and enlarge blood vessels, thus, blood can flow more easily.

10. Green tea enhances bone health 

Green tea may also stop the failure of bone mass. Decreased bone mass increases the risk of osteoporosis, a disease that makes bones more delicate and can be responsible for fractures of the spine, hip, or wrist.

Tips for Having Green Tea 

In case you have your green tea hot or cold, you should remember these tips:

Look for organically decaffeinated green tea: A cup of green tea includes approximately 28 grams of caffeine. People having sensitivity to caffeine can cause nervousness, increased heart rate, and jitters. Keep in mind that reducing caffeine consumption may decrease the content of antioxidants, but the study is mixed.

Use sweetener carefully: If you add some honey, sugar, or different sweeteners to your tea, experts suggest that women should not consume over six teaspoons of sugar a day, and men should not consume over nine teaspoons. Excessive sugar intake can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disorders.

Use green tea strips for faster results: There are some alternatives to green tea on the market. As in this fast-paced world, we all have to look after our health, so tea strips with the instant benefits of green tea are the best to consume. You can get all the benefits of green tea by consuming the green tea strips because this product contains all the goodness of green tea in a moderate dose.

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Consuming green tea has significant health benefits, but it is imperative to note that the positive green tea effects depend on the dose and treatment time. Together, following several lifestyle changes like taking a nutrient-rich diet and exercising regularly plays a part in stopping diseases and improving overall health.

So, if you are specific about your green tea usage and health benefits, you will have to decide your per day quantity of green tea. And, if you don’t want to get in any hassle, you can use green tea strips; these strips come with all essential health benefits and recommended doses. You have only to place a strip in your mouth and wait to melt it away. You will see the difference in your health after a few doses.



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