Tips To Consider While Designing Your Popcorn Boxes


Snacks have always been present for people to enjoy, but they have revolutionized. Where in the times of the Roman or Ottoman Empire, dried meat was considered a great snack, but in today’s world, those snacks are jerky, fries, or something light and nutritious like popcorn. Popcorns are one of the best-selling snacks around the globe because they are so versatile and easy to make. French fries might be the leading snack in the world, but you need to spend a good amount of time to make them and they aren’t healthy, whereas, popcorn can be made in under two minutes and you can eat a snack that is rich in fiber.

If you prefer caramel or cheese popcorn, then they won’t be that healthy. The size of the popcorn industry was valued at around $10 Billion in 2020, and it is expected to grow more than 5% per annum till 2031. So, you can think how big this industry is, and how difficult it will be to build a stable brand in this fierce market, but it’s not impossible. This industry is full of big boys, but still, some new startups climb the ranks pretty quickly, and one of their major secrets behind this success is the custom popcorn boxes.

The reason popcorn packaging plays a vital role in brand success is that customers are always looking for something new and innovative in the market, and you can provide them with that unique product by customizing your popcorn boxes. In today’s blog, we will be telling you about the things to consider to make the perfect popcorn boxes for your brand. So, without dragging it any further, let’s get started with it.

Make Them Attractive

The reason why this industry is booming is that new brands are always coming into this industry with something new and don’t let the big boys create a monopoly in the market. You can play your part in giving them tough competition by coming up with unique packaging. Do everything in your power to make your product packaging attractive because attracting customers is the main job of custom popcorn boxes. Observe your market and see what is missing, and what customers are dying to see, and once you find out that problem, you can get a ton of customers by giving them what they craved for so long.

Customize Them

The whole point of using Custom Popcorn Boxes over standard popcorn boxes is to ensure that your packaging gets the recognition it deserves. The best part about custom product packaging is that you get to decide even the tiniest of details about the packaging whether it be the nutrition chart, box style, box design, packaging materials, and many other things. The reason why you need to be in charge of customization is that you have studied the market and you know your targeted audience, and the person that knows all these things can come up with a better product packaging.

Focus On The Inside Of The Packaging

Those days are long gone when customization of the product packaging didn’t matter, but now the days are also gone when customization was only done to the outside layer of the product packaging. As you read above, customers are always looking for something new in the market and they have seen uncountable custom popcorn boxes, but something new is causing havoc in the market and that is printing in the inside layer of the product packaging.

You can print graphics related to popcorn or some other fun graphics to catch customers’ attention. The only thing to follow is to ensure that you do something that’s not being done in the market, and this helps you get an edge over your competitors because this sends out a message that you aren’t afraid to try something new.

Choose A Unique Shape

To stand out from your competitors in this gigantic market, you need to do something unique. Customizing your product packaging and putting your heart and soul into designing the popcorn packaging will help you stand out, but to take that reach to another level, you need to choose a unique box style. For years, customers have seen the same box style for their popcorns no matter the brand, but it is time for a change. You can use unique box styles like gable boxes or some other design that your potential customers aren’t able to find anywhere in the market.

Elegant Color Selection

This shouldn’t even be close to a debate that simplistic product packaging is way better than funky packaging. Yes, popcorns are supposed to be a fun product, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the boxes elegant. This is an industry where brands are using all kinds of funky designs and trends to grab customers’ attention, but once the trend dies, the sales of such brands also get low. This doesn’t happen when you opt for elegant colors because this sets you apart.

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