Top Safe Types of Kid’s Iron Supplements


Iron is one of the major minerals required to support your health, they play an important part in the body’s hemoglobin. To produce hemoglobin, the iron-containing protein in red blood cells in the body, iron is highly precious. A lack of hemoglobin or iron in the body will result in a lack of oxygen to your muscles, tissues, and cells.

Whether it’s adults or kids, iron is crucial for maintaining good health. Breastfeeding babies have iron stores and they get iron from their mother for some time. However, after breastfeeding their body needs to produce iron themselves.

We all know how kids are with their food habits, they do not like certain foods or switch to solid foods that might not have enough iron, so one of the best ways to provide iron to kids is by offering them iron supplements or you can try fruity gummies that contain iron.

However, iron supplements are not required by all kids, their deficiency depends on what is causing that deficiency.

Why Are Iron Supplements Beneficial For Babies?

At the age of 4 to 6 months, babies need iron supplements through food, supplements, and iron formula. The doctors will decide which supplementation method is better for babies to produce iron for muscles and cells. However, when kids start with solid food, if they do not intake iron-rich food, iron gummies on the doctor’s recommendation can help.

Does Your Child Need Iron Supplements?
Though all kids should have food rich in vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrients in the body. If your kids eat iron-rich food such as fish, red meats, beans, dark green leafy vegetables, etc., iron supplements might not be needed. However, if you are facing these issues your kids might have iron deficiency such as picky eaters, low birth weight, eating a vegan diet, who don’t like cow’s milk, etc.

Here Are The Top Five Iron Supplements For Kids That You Can Use:

Chewable Tablets

A chewable supplement is available in the market that offers iron supplementation. Kids do not like eating medicines and if they are bitter in taste, they will through tantrums every time. So, chewable tablets are the best way to provide iron supplements to kids.

These tablets are generally sweet and contain many vitamins. You can find some best quality and certified chewable tablets rich in iron online at DesertCart. The tablets such as Chewable Iron with vitamin C, Carlson Chewable iron, Fergon iron chewable tablets, kids chewable iron-strawberry, forever living chewable vitamins, Renzo’s iron supplements for kids, etc.

These supplements are iron formulas specially created for kids, these supplements contain a dose of iron with a combination of other vitamins and minerals.

Fruit Gummies

Gummies are loved by adults as well, so you can expect kids to love them. The fruity gummies are usually made in different shapes to catch kids’ attention. The fruit gummies as the name suggests are flavored with different fruits and can be chewed, swallowed, or licked. They are juicy and sweet like candies to eat, so kids get attracted and easily eat gummies. However, these gummies do not contain any artificial flavor, but a natural taste, they are gelatin-free and dairy-free.

Many iron-rich gummies such as Liveable iron for kids, Vitamin friends strawberry jam flavored iron gummies, chapter one iron gummies, kids multivitamin, and iron gummies, carbamide forte multivitamin gummies, etc. are the best Iron supplements online.


Swallowing tablets or chewable supplements are sometimes not liked by kids. Not all kids love gummies or chew tablets especially if they are 1 year old. So, syrup is the best way to provide iron supplements for kids. Many doctors recommend syrup for kids’ iron deficiency, as it can be conveniently added to water and let your kids drink.

Apart from iron these syrups contain other vitamins such as vitamin c, b12, b6, and more. Many syrups are made from whole food ingredients and do not contain any artificial flavoring. However, you need to measure the adequate quantity of syrup for kids.

Make sure you provide enough, such as 1 spoon or 1.5 spoons will be enough. You can consult a professional if you feel difficulty in deciding the proportion for your kids. Too little quantity will not fulfill iron deficiency and too much can lead to bad effects.

Iron or Vitamin Powder
Many supplements are available in the form of powder, these powders generally contain multivitamins. Powders can be used similarly to syrup, you can either dissolve them in water or you can dissolve them in milk for your kids. For infants powdered food is used to provide vitamins and minerals similarly for kids powdered supplements can be used.

You can also mix these powders in your kid’s favorite soft food items such as oatmeal, yogurt, etc. Powders such as FeraMax water-soluble Polysaccharide iron, Renzo iron supplements dissolvable, Klaire labs Vitaspectrum powder, Culturelle kids, etc are some of the powder supplements you can try.

Liquid Drops or Tablets
If your kids are above 8 or 9 years old, they can eat tablets, you will have to find a way to make them eat. You can find many iron tablets online for your kids’ iron deficiency.  However, if your kids are below 8 or are too small to eat tablets, liquid drops are the perfect way to provide an iron supplement.

But these might stain your kid’s teeth, so brush their teeth properly after liquid drops. You will find many iron liquid drops available online.

These are some of the best iron supplements for kids selected on the basis of the form of iron, dosage, third-party certifications, and safety for kids. Though it’s always better to consult a professional, you can give suggestions or ask a professional about these supplements if you are doubtful.

However, these supplements are commonly recommended by many doctors. You can purchase these iron supplements or fruit gummies rich in iron online. However, whatever supplements you try, make sure you keep dosage in mind and ensure you provide the adequate amount, after reading the description or details on the supplements.


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