8 Common FAQs On A Full Body Test You Should Know


In today’s world, more and more people are getting conscious of their health. To stay healthy and fit, they take all the possible steps, including diet, exercising, weight management, and a whole body checkup in Delhi or their locality. If you are new to a complete body health checkup, you will have numerous queries in your mind. To assist you in educating yourself, here are some common questions with respective answers:

  1. What is a full body health checkup?

A full body checkup is a complete diagnostic scan of a human body. It helps you know the current status of your body parts such as kidney, heart, lung, and liver. Further, it helps you know the warning signs or functional issues in your body. With it, you can detect a disease or health issue as it starts developing inside your body and take the requisite action to cure the same.

  1. Why should you have a complete body test?

Like others, you want to know why you should get a whole body checkup. Having a look at the following benefits will make you comprehend it:

  • It helps you know how fit you are
  • With it, you can protect yourself from having fatal diseases like cancer, heart disease, and kidney failure. It is as the test helps you detect a health issue as it starts building up in your body
  • You have a medical history record for yourself that can use as a reference in future
  • It helps you lower your treatment cost and hospital/clinic stay
  • It saves your life, money, and time through early treatments
  1. How often should you have a full body checkup?

Usually, the frequency of a complete body health test depends on your age, current health status, and risk factors. Opinions on regular health checkups can vary from one expert to another. However, you should have this test:

  • Once every three years if your age is under 50
  • Once every year after turning 50
  • As per your doctor’s instructions if you have a chronic disease like COPD and diabetes
  1. What usually are included in a full body health checkup?

As per the name, it is a screening or test of your entire body. A whole body check package includes several tests on different parameters that can vary from one diagnostic center or pathology lab to another. A complete body health checkup package includes 70 to 100 parameters. And some of those parameters are as follows:

  • Thyroid Profile
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Test
  • CBC or Complete Blood Cells Count
  • ESR
  • Fasting Blood Sugar – Diabetic Screening
  • Electrolytes Profile
  • Protein & Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Urine R/M- Urinary Tract Infection
  1. How do you get this test done?

To have a full body test, you can visit a pathology lab, call a lab representative, or book your sample collection by browsing the website of a pathology lab in your locality.

  1. How long do you need to have this checkup?

Whether you visit a pathology lab or request home sample collection, the test lasts for a few minutes. Based on the package you have selected, the screening can last for around half an hour.

  1. What to expect when you have a physical exam under a complete body health test?

The lab technician or nurse, or assistant will take you to the exam room. There, the expert will

  • Measure your blood pressure and look for vital signs
  • Request you to disclose the changes you have noticed in your body
  • Verify your medical records
  1. How to get ready for a full body test?

You need to prepare yourself before having a whole body checkup. For the preparation, you can:

  • Talk to the experts to schedule your test and provide specific instructions if required
  • Make a list of what you have noticed or are feeling now
  • Keep your previous medical history copies with you
  • Follow the instructions such as wearing loose clothes, and food/water intake you receive from your doctor or lab technician


Having an idea about all associated points of a full body checkup is beneficial for you. With it, you can decide when you should get it, how you should prepare yourself, etc. You will have no confusion while having it for the first time.


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