Amazing Charts – Solo Practice EMR Software 2023


Amazing Charts is a medical charting software program that is built with the convenience of clinicians in mind. It enables clinicians to chart their patients with the least number of clicks, and has an affordable price. The program was founded by a physician who wanted a charting solution that would not break the bank.


If you need to share your data, you can do so through the Amazing Charts network folder. In addition, Amazing Charts has a backup utility that stores your data. It also allows you to add a second computer to your network for data access. There are also a number of support staff features.

Scheduling appointments and booking visits is another great feature of the Amazing Charts system. Once a patient has been added to the schedule window, the physician can set a time to meet with them. The software can also search for available slots for that patient. It also lets you override the duration of the visit, edit appointments, move them around, and verify them.

Amazing Charts also offers customizable templates. These templates can be customized to suit your specialization. You can also download a trial version and evaluate it for yourself before buying the software.


Amazing Charts has a user-friendly one-page layout that makes charting a breeze. It also supports various reporting criteria, so you can build complex queries. Regardless of the type of practice you run, this reporting tool will help you optimize your patient management. Its one-click functionality eliminates the need to re-document the same information several times. It also includes the capability to import data from other systems.

The pricing of Amazing Charts depends on a few factors. For example, whether you need to customize reports or produce special reports is a factor in determining pricing. For some businesses, a free trial is sufficient, while for others, a full-featured version costs $299 per month.


With Amazing Charts, your practice can integrate with other systems to enhance the patient experience. The platform offers numerous integrations, including those with practice management software. Using Amazing Charts in this way enables you to streamline your workflow. It also offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management system and automated benefits and eligibility checking. If you’re interested in using this software for your office, check out the product profile, which offers screenshots and additional information.

Amazing Charts is certified to meet HIPAA and Meaningful Use guidelines. This robust EHR helps medical practices get the most accurate picture of patient health. It also streamlines the billing and scheduling processes, which makes it easier to convert patients into repeat customers.

Office flow

A software solution like Amazing Charts can help medical providers streamline their daily tasks. It can also help them connect with their staff and document their visits more efficiently. With this software, doctors can see more patients in a day without having to spend hours on paperwork. It also streamlines the prescribing process.

The program is easy to use and can import data from other systems. The trial version allows you to test all of its features. The software also includes a backup utility so that you can recover any data you have already entered. In order to evaluate the software for your practice, speak to other professionals in your field. Make sure the program will meet your workflow requirements.

The software comes with pre-configured dashboards, allowing you to monitor and manage your practice’s progress. It also supports remote scanning and device diagnostics. The software also qualifies for government incentive programs. In addition, it is designed to meet modern compliance standards. It has a robust patient portal that stores lab results and visit summaries. It also has multiple features that make it easier to document every patient visit and patient experience.


E-prescribing with Amazing Chart is a robust solution that allows for a seamless transition from traditional pen-and-paper systems to electronic patient record systems. Its robust suite of features helps improve administrative, clinical, and financial performance. Whether a practice is small or large, Amazing Charts will help elevate its efficiency. This software provides clinicians with pre-configured dashboards, 24/7 access, and device-agnostic functionality. Amazing Charts also comes with hundreds of clinical templates that streamline the clinical process and reduce redundancy.

Unlike traditional electronic health record (EHR) systems, Amazing Charts is designed specifically for independent medical practices. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency, while reducing costs and risk of re-documentation. The software can be used on both desktop and mobile devices and is affordable.

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