Benefits of IVD POCT for Diabetics


Did you know that one benefit of blood glucose POCT is that it can provide a diagnosis more quickly than some traditional lab techniques? In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of point-of-care testing and how IVD POCT can help you maintain your health going forward.

What is a glucose POCT?

A glucose POCT can be used to check the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. The POCT system allows for the measurement of urine albumin, HbA1c, and glucose. The technologies produce quick, lab-quality findings.

Benefits of IVD POCT

Diabetes patients can use IVD POCT to check their blood sugar levels without going to the doctor. This test is a useful method for determining blood sugar levels in people who do not have diabetes. The three most important benefits of point-of-care blood glucose testing are listed below.

1. Low-cost, quick blood glucose testing. Wondfo’s IVD POCT reagents can detect glucose with high speed and precision.

2. Instant blood glucose testing can be done quickly and easily at home rather than going to the hospital. The majority of tests can be finished quickly.

3. Using rapid blood sugar testing to monitor your blood sugar levels will help you better manage your diabetes.


IVD POCT is advantageous for diabetics since it is dependable and useful. Glucose POCT enables the detection of early signs of diabetic complications. Through a fluorescence immunochromatographic analysis technology that can assist in the diagnosis of diabetes, our a1c machines are relatively simple to use. Contact Wondfo if you require assistance as well!


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