How To Avoid Back Pain While Driving – Car Backrests For The Elderly

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The best way to prevent back pain while you drive is to use a car backrest cushion on your seat. This becomes especially important for older passengers due to their inability to maintain correct posture. It is common for the elderly to have weak muscles, joints and bones. The constant movement in the confined space of a car can cause aches and pains for the older generation suffering from orthopaedic issues.

An elegant memory foam back seat cushion can provide adequate lumbar support for car journeys. Sitting for long hours in the passenger seat can lead to discomfort and stiffness in the back. Car seat cushions for the elderly are specially designed to conform to the contours of the spine. This relieves back pain, improves good posture, promotes proper blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Car seat cushions can be considered car modified accessories that are widely available in online stores. They are available in varying sizes, shapes, colours and designs to suit your personal preference, and to cater to the needs of the elderly.

What are the causes of back pain in a car seat?

No road surface can be built completely smooth and even as low-frequency vibrations will inevitably creep into the cabin and your seat. The vehicle is subject to the forces of acceleration and braking, driving around corners and negotiating speed bumps. Your body weight will shift in the seat and may put undue pressure on the back, neck and spine. This can lead to an increased risk of back injuries and sore muscles.

Here are the most common reasons that the elderly suffer from back pain while seated in a moving car.

Arthritis and weak muscles

As you age, the joints in the body become inflamed due to conditions like arthritis and gout. There is less flexibility in muscles and older people will complain of back pain and aching knees. This natural wear and tear on the bones can be a real cause of discomfort while travelling in a car. Restricted legroom and the inability to stretch muscles may make them restless, even after a short drive. A car seat cushion relieves pressure on the spine, back and knees. Some passengers suffer from vertebra disc issues that require car seat cushions to absorb the shocks and impact while driving. Natural spine degeneration is common with ageing, so ensure that the elderly always use a soft car seat cushion in the car.

Incorrect posture

The constant use of walking sticks and the sedentary lifestyle of the older generation lead to poor posture. In addition, age renders the muscles weak which cannot hold up the spine adequately. An ergonomic backrest can help improve posture in the driver’s seat. It prevents slouching and hunching of shoulders and reduces pressure on the bones, muscles, spine and soft tissues. Car backrests for the elderly can provide support for the back, neck and head while driving.

Road accidents

The passengers may experience a sudden force on their heads and neck in the event of a collision. This is known as whiplash and can cause serious injury for people with previous spine problems. There are sensitive nerves, ligaments and soft tissues in the neck region that need to be cushioned from impact in an accident. If you can ensure the use of a seatbelt together with a soft cushion for the backrest as well as a neck pillow, the chances of injury are reduced. Modern cars are equipped with airbags and supplementary safety restraint systems to avoid whiplash in a collision. However, a car seat cushion can help in this situation.

Tips to prevent back pain while driving

Adjust your seat so that you can reach the steering and controls easily. At the same time, you have enough space to move around and adjust your weight to feel comfortable. Avoid sitting too close to the steering wheel as this will put stress on your muscles while driving.

If you are using a car seat backrest, position your spine against the lumbar support to maintain proper posture. Bend your knees slightly and adjust your thighs in the seat. Take a break from driving on long road trips and stretch out your muscles. This prevents cramping and muscle stiffness.

Invest in a car seat cushion that has a built-in massage function. Tiny electric motors provide deep vibrations to improve blood circulation and stimulate nerves while driving.


There is no substitute for a comfortable and soft car seat cushion to keep you relaxed on a long drive. The elderly will surely benefit from the ergonomic designs that specifically reduce pressure on the spine and accommodate different seating positions.

The next time you hit the open road with an older passenger, insist that they use a car seat backrest for the best ride they will ever experience.

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