Dandruff on Bald Head: what is the way out?


Can you get Dandruff if you are bald?

It might sound unfair but you can get dandruff even if you have gone bald by making use of a Bald Head Shaver. Regardless of whether your hair has simply fallen out or you have shaved your head, becoming bald has no effect on dandruff. The main reason behind this is that dandruff is caused due to flaky skin on your scalp. It has nothing much to do with actual hair.

Dandruff may be caused due to the excessive production of sebum or Malassezia fungal infection. Other most frequent individual factors include:

  • Integrity of the epidermal barrier
  • Immune response
  • Emotional Stress
  • Neurogenic factors
  • Allergenic reaction to any hair products, and
  • Nutritional factors

Dandruff can also be caused if you have a dry scalp that is not properly moisturized or if you over-shave with a Head Shaver. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can also cause it.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is a condition with persistent flaky and itchy skin. It can be caused due to the high excessive production of sebum. When sebum is produced in controlled quantities, it is quite beneficial for the scalp as it helps to keep the scalp moisturized and also keeps the hair lubricated. This production of sebum continues even after you go bald with a Bald Head Shaver.

Can shaving my head lead to Dandruff? How can you avoid that?

Yes, there are chances that shaving your head with a Head Shaver can cause dandruff as it makes the scalp dry. But, the good news is that with good pre-shaving and post-shaving care, this can be completely prevented.

(1) Make use of the right razor: Pivotal head razor maintains contact with the skin. Thus, there is no need to go over the same spot multiple times, which is an added advantage. But, make sure to clean and sanitize them before and after use.

(2) Pre-Shave Oil: Before shaving with a Bald Head Shaver, use oils like coconut oil or argan oil. Once you lubricate your scalp, the razor can easily glide over it and thus prevent drying out of your scalp. Moreover, there are anti-microbial properties in coconut oil which is quite useful if you are prone to dandruff. Always opt for a shaving cream that has moisturizing properties. You can also make use of a shaving brush that will clean your pores and exfoliate your scalp, thus preventing buildup and dandruff.

(3) Post-Shaving Care: Having completed shaving with a Head Shaver, you need to ensure that your skin remains clean and moisturized. You can apply a good lotion that will prevent it from drying out.

How to treat dandruff on a bald head?

There are quite a few simple, yet effective solutions to bid goodbye to dandruff. Here are the most significant ones:

(1) Don’t stop using a shampoo and conditioner: Just because you now sport a bald head does not mean that shampoo or a conditioner is no more essential for you. In fact, they are as crucial as with a flowing mane. Moreover, when you shave your head with a Bald Head Shaver, there still remains tiny hair on your head which is not quite visible with naked eyes. So, there are chances that sebum, dirt, and other impurities can still easily build up on the scalp. Therefore, make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner duo.

(2) Protect your scalp from the sun: The possibility of getting a sunburn greatly increases with a bald scalp. Though it is not quite similar to dandruff, it can also cause itchy and flaky skin. Make sure to keep your scalp covered with a hat or always wear sunscreen on your scalp in order to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

(3) Oil Massage: After you have shaved your head with a Head Shaver, you can decide on a good oil massage as that helps in stimulating your scalp. Besides promoting good blood flow, it also helps in healthy hair growth. You can massage your head using coconut or olive oil as they have shown efficacy in the treatment of dandruff. Moreover, you can also apply a few drops of essential oils like tea tree oil as it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

(4) Hydrate yourself: Scalp is the first to experience dehydration. Drinking more amount of water becomes even more important to prevent drying out of your scalp. Flaking and dandruff may crop up if there is less intake of water. You should try to drink the recommended 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Key Takeaway:

It is surely unfair to get dandruff even if you are bald. Thus, if you are choosing to go bald with a Bald Head Shaver, make sure that you maintain pre-shave and post-shave care.


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