Elation EMR vs Charm EMR: Comparison

Elation EMR
Elation EMR

The Elation EMR vs Charm EMR comparison is a simple one to make. Both are excellent EMRs, with a ton of features and functions. However, they differ quite a bit in terms of their pricing and features.

Elation EMR is a fully-featured EHR that integrates well with other specialty software, such as lab and pharmacy management systems. It has many different modules, including those for billing, scheduling, and patient education. It also offers extensive customization options and has many integrations.

Charm EMR is similar in many ways, but it doesn’t offer as many integrations or customization options. It’s also lacking some key components like an online portal or e-prescription capabilities.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at each product so that you can see how they compare and make your own decision about which one is right for your practice.

Elation EHR Features:

Patient Portal – Elation EMR provides patients with secure access to their medical records. The patient portal allows patients to view lab results, request appointments, and refill medications.

Telemedicine – Elation EMR allows providers to communicate with patients via video conferencing, email, or phone. The telemedicine feature also enables patients to communicate with their providers via video conference or phone call in the event that they are not able to travel to their physician’s office.

Integration – Elation EMR integrates with other popular health IT systems including Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts.

Supports – Elation EMR supports Android and iOS mobile devices as well as all major browsers on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.

Payment Processing – Elation EMR allows you to accept payments online, through your website, or in person for any type of insurance or direct pay. You can also accept credit card payments at the point of service.

Charm EHR Features

HIPAA Compliant

The Charm EMR platform is fully HIPAA compliant. This means that you can use it to track patient information and documents without having to worry about any regulatory issues.

Integrated with Third Party Applications

The Charm EMR platform integrates seamlessly with several third-party applications. This allows you to manage all data from one place, including patient information, financials, charting, scheduling, etc.

Patient Portal – The patient portal allows patients to easily communicate with their providers, access their medical records, and request appointments.

Secure messaging – Secure messaging allows providers to communicate with each other securely without having to exchange private email addresses or phone numbers.

Secure email – Secure email allows all users to send secure emails from within the EMR system without having to exit it in order to send sensitive messages.

Billing and coding – The billing module provides tools for coding diagnoses and procedures, as well as for submitting claims to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Medical records management – The medical records module provides tools for storing information about patients’ histories, past visits, and prior diagnoses so that they can be accessed quickly by providers when needed.

Elation EMR Review vs Charm EMR Review

The user reviews for Elation EMR and Charm EMR are very positive. This is because both of these systems have been on the market for a long time, so there have been plenty of opportunities for users to give feedback.

Both Elation EMR and Charm EMR have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra.com, which is an excellent score. When you look at individual reviews, they are mostly positive as well. One user wrote that they “really liked” using the software because it was easy to learn and use, while another said they enjoyed being able to customise their own forms as well as being able to access them from anywhere. A few people did complain that there were some bugs when using the product in its early days, but this has since been fixed by the developers.

Elation EMR Pricing vs Charm EMR Pricing

The Elation EMR software is available in three versions (Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited) and has a free trial version. The Professional version of the Elation EMR solution is available for $199/month. The Enterprise version costs $599/month and comes with unlimited user support. The Unlimited edition costs $999/month.

Charm also offers two different packages. The first is called Core and costs $249/month. Charm’s second package is called Pro and costs $499/month. Both packages come with unlimited user support, but only the Pro package includes the ability to integrate with external systems like billing systems or medical devices.

Both companies offer free trials so you can try out their software before purchasing it.

The verdict on a comparison of Elation EMR vs Charm EMR is that they are both very similar. Both are cloud-based EMR systems designed to make the lives of medical professionals easier. The two systems differ in a few key ways, however, including their pricing structure and the number of users you can have on the system at once.

Elation EMR vs Charm EMR: The Verdict

As mentioned above, both Elation EMR and Charm EMR are cloud-based electronic medical records software packages that can be used as stand-alone systems or as part of an enterprise network. They are both relatively affordable and feature a wealth of features for doctors and nurses who work in small practices or clinics. Both programs allow you to see your patients’ information from anywhere with an internet connection, which is useful if you work in remote areas or if you simply want the convenience of never having to leave your office when handling patient appointments or billing issues.

Both applications also come with robust reporting tools that allow you to view data about individual patients and entire groups of patients at once. For example, if one particular group of patients has been coming back to see you frequently because they need certain medications refilled right away every time they come in for treatment.


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