How to Start Your Own Free Online Counseling Chat: A Step-by-step Guide.


Counseling is an important part of one’s life, but sometimes it can be difficult to find someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to speak openly and honestly. This is where free online counseling chat comes in! Online counseling chat can provide a confidential, convenient alternative.

Why use counseling chat?

Online counseling chat is a way for people to anonymously seek advice from a qualified and caring counselor. People seeking to seek counseling can anonymously sign up for counseling chat or be referred by a friend or family member.

Online counseling chat allows counselors to chat with clients in a way that is safe, comfortable, confidential and respectful. However, using this type of chat requires people to have a certain type of counseling experience and certain counseling skills in order to provide a real, personal response. In other words, online counseling chat requires you to be a good listener and have a knowledge of some common behavioral therapy techniques.

How to start an online counseling chat

Asking the right questions can help guide you through your journey through the healing process. Here are the types of questions that I advise people to ask to ensure they are making the right decisions in their life.

What I wanted to say but couldn’t.

This can help you determine if you are really on the same page with the person.

What do you want to say to me?

You may have asked this question, and the other person has no way of knowing.

Is it OK if I bring my dog?

Even if it is inappropriate, you should feel comfortable to ask.

Is there a chance that this conversation may help you make important decisions?

Here, you will be able to ask the person for advice.

Do you have any other insight that might help me?

It is important that the person answers this question with a “yes.

Online counselling tips

It’s important to note that online counseling chat is NOT a replacement for in-person therapy. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Online counseling┬áis not a substitute for in-person counseling. So while you can use online counseling chat to have a more personal conversation with a therapist, you don’t need to see them in person to receive support and guidance. In some cases, a few sessions online may be all the support you need, and in others it might be enough to work with them remotely.

Find a safe online counselor. There’s no need to search online for counselors: it’s easy to find, and the counselors that are online are vetted and trained. Online counseling chat is a safe place for people to communicate freely and openly about their struggles and to receive support.


Counseling can help you to overcome and better understand difficult situations, as well as give you practical, step-by-step instructions. On the other hand, it is important to have a good support system to encourage and push you forward when you feel like giving up. For example, talking to your mom, dad, or other loved ones can help you to keep your head up!


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