Improve your Health with the Power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C

The minerals, fibres, nutrients, acids, sugars, vitamins and proteins in your food are responsible for the growth and health of the body. Our diet should consist of every nutrient in balance. Deficiency of any component or overdosage of all components will lead to high-risk levels of disease and even death. It is advised to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before you apply a diet plan to your meals and lifestyle. Consultancy in improving your health should be the topmost priority of living beings. 

Vitamins are the components of our meals that help us to function and develop properly. They improve certain aspects of our body for their normal working. The main Vitamins are A, C, D, E and a variety of Vitamin B. 

Vitamin C and its Advantages 

Vitamin C is responsible for various body functions. Ageing is a common body feature, however, ageing is weak and defenceless against invading diseases can be painful. Vitamin C controls skin wrinkles and eyesight problems. It also develops a strong memory and remembrance as age increases. It helps in strengthening the cardiac muscles, reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems and attacks. Vitamin C is best for improving the body’s immune system. It boosts immunity to the maximum with its appropriate dosage. It also fights against carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and reduces the risk of cancer. Vitamin C also helps in reducing high blood pressure and chronic diseases. . Vitamin C is a vital component to strengthen bones, teeth enamel, and collagen fibre synthesis. Blood capillaries require vitamin C as well.

The top 10 vitamin C supplements for 2021 can be your own fruits and veggies if you take care of your health.

Vitamin C in our Diet Plans and Schedules

The body requires an average of 500 milligrams of Vitamin C. This can be perfectly calculated in a Vitamin C tablet. There are plenty of foods for Vitamin C. You can add fruits and vegetables to your meals. 

Vitamin C is found in leafy green vegetables and citrus-containing fruits. Lemons, oranges and lime are pure Vitamin C fruits. All-natural fruits with pulps and juice like blackcurrants and berries. Strawberries and lychees have vitamin C in them. One cup of fresh blackcurrants can add a tangy twist to your fruit salad as well as fill the requirement of vitamin C for the day. Potatoes, broccoli and sweet yellow-orange bell peppers. For the dressing, you can opt for Thyme and Parsley, all rich in vitamin C. It is also found in a special kind of cherries and inside the fresh pinkness of guava fruits. Mature and well ripe sort of bell peppers contains the maximum vitamin c. Green veggies like spinach and kale are very nutritious. 

Vitamin C Deficiency

The deficiency of Vitamin C is irritable and causes multiple symptoms. Xeroderma and red skin will be apparent. Swollen gums and pain in the body joints. Slower wound healing when cut. And it can cause a disease known as Scurvy. It can cause hair loss, bleeding from gums, and a decline in RBC growth if not treated. It is best to keep up with Vitamin C in your diet for normal functioning.


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