Know 5 reasons of mobile distractions

mobile phone distractions

You have landed at the right place to know all about the mobile phone distraction in today’s date. As we all are growing up with the technology and taking the advantages of it, some where we all have fall into the mobile phone distraction.

Basically, everything has been becoming digitally education, work, shopping, booking, etc. Using mobile phone is not a bad thing even mobile phone is one of the most powerful tool we ever had have.

In this article we are going to discuss some major points of being distracted by mobile phones. There could be many reasons that why we get addicted to something in a short period of time but it’s very important to understand that how to deal with it.

In google many tips and tricks are available to overcome the addiction of mobile phone but first we need to understand that is the cause of mobile addiction only then we can act.

Here are the 5 reasons of mobile phone distraction and what to do to avoid them

1) Lack of goal- We all have our own plans in life and that’s a good thing. A goal gives you a right direction and never lets you be distracted. But, if you don’t have any goal and aim in life then you will definitely lose your path. You don’t have something to do in life and most of the time you have your phone in your hand.

Social media, movies, games, series or many things overcome your mind and will keep you distracting all the time. A study has shown that people with clear goal in their life never distract as comparison to those you don’t have any goal.

2) Social Status- We all are running after the material things in life and buying expensive mobile phone is one of them. You all have experienced or seen some people having apple iPhones and showing their phone publicly to get their attention.

The whole society is being trapped into this lake of social status. A person who is buying a 50,000 thousand phone is earning only 20,000 thousand a month. This social status may create you a mobile addiction.

Buying mobile phone is just a starting but once you start using it you will go into the world of distraction. Some people suggest that reading books are better than going to google.

3) Full internet access- Internet has brought up the information era. Each and everyone has internet access in their mobile phones and they can acquire any type of information from every corner of the world. But no one ever concerns about the attachment we have with our mobile phone.

Recently a survey was conducted where a common question was asked to people that how much do you trust the online information? and mostly answered were positive that they fully believe that they have read in internet.

Our mind has a basic nature to run after the information, but it can’t differentiate which info is valuable or which one is not. That’s is why internet access in your mobile phone can be the biggest distraction.

4)  Games- It has become so easy for us to download any game and start playing it in our mobile phone. But we never focus that how much time we waste when we start playing any game. One of the team of doctors has found that mobile addiction has caused us many health issues.

Our eyes may get effected by the radiation coming out of the mobile screen. Addiction of anything in excessive will definitely cause you and your health. Playing a game in you phone gives you a thrill for a while but playing in ground any sport can actually improve your overall health.

5) Social media- Social media has considered one of the biggest distraction. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and many have the biggest audience and everyone is looking for someone to talk.

These platforms always show you something of your interest like you are food lover, it will show you feeds of only food, if you have like shopping these platform will show you enough data of every type of material that you can’t go away from it.


Above we have discussed that how mobile phones can be a biggest distraction for you and how it can can create problem for you. Many of you must have related to all the points which we have discussed above. Addiction is not a small thing. It can destroy you and you will not even understand the case.

We have given all possible information to you so that you can relate and do something about it. Read the whole article properly and we will understand what exactly the causes of mobile phone addiction are.


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