Major Reasons To Schedule A Visit With A Cardiologist

cardiologist in Chennai
cardiologist in Chennai

The heart is the body’s major organ, and the improper function of the heart leads to severe health issues and even causes death. Cardiovascular or heart diseases include strokes, coronary artery disease, and illness in the blood vessels. At least one person loses their life every 36 seconds due to cardiovascular issues. Hence it is of utmost importance to check your heart health regularly. Take the medical opinion of a top cardiologist in Chennai or connect with a doctor online to take the right steps to maintain a healthy heart. The doctor who treats all heart-related problems is called a cardiologist. It might be tricky to understand when you should consult a cardiologist. However, the following are major reasons you need to visit a cardiologist. 

Family History of Heart Disease

Hereditary is one of the major factors contributing to heart disease. Lifestyle changes like avoiding tobacco, limiting alcohol, staying physically active, keeping your weight in check, and having a healthy diet, annual tests, and timely visits to a cardiologist will help your heart to stay healthy. Take the medical opinion of a top cardiologist in Chennai to discuss your medical condition.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are correlated with each other. However, other health issues, including heart disease and stroke are more likely to occur in people with high blood pressure. In addition, high blood pressure might affect your arteries, causing lower blood flow to your heart. These lead to the symptoms of chest pain or even may cause heart failure. Therefore, keeping your blood pressure levels in optimal condition is important. 

Being Overweight or Obese

People with excess body fat, especially around their waist, are at a higher risk of developing stroke or heart disease. Achieving a healthy body weight can reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. If you have difficulty losing weight, consult a doctor online who can guide you with suitable dietary and exercise regimens to lose weight.


Stress might cause people to include unhealthy habits, like smoking, and overeating, increasing their risk of developing heart conditions. Getting expert and reliable stress management tips from a doctor can help better stress management.

Increasing Age

Most people experience heart issues after the age of 65. Both men and women should have timely visits to a cardiologist and take recommended tests to ensure heart health.

High Cholesterol Levels

A person’s diet, sex, and genetic makeup can affect cholesterol levels. Low levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) or high levels of good cholesterol (HDL), along with high amounts of triglycerides (the most common type of body fat), can cause atherosclerosis (fatty cell deposition inside artery walls) which might put you at risk of a heart attack.

History of Cancer

People who have undergone chemotherapy might have a risk of cardiac issues. In addition, radiation therapy on the chest area might also increase the risk of malfunctioning heart valves.

Take the medical opinion of a top cardiologist in Chennai, or try to connect with a doctor online to discuss your medical condition. For example, they might monitor your heart health throughout a person’s cancer journey and diagnose a pre-existing cardiac problem.

Gum Disease

The bacteria present in the gum might cause inflammation of blood vessels or cause infection in the heart valves. However, it is also important to maintain good oral hygiene before a visit to a cardiologist.


High blood sugar levels alter the function of nerves and blood vessels. Diabetic people are at risk of developing high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and triglycerides. In addition, the improper functioning of the heart, majorly the reduced blood pumping, leads to fluid accumulation in the lungs. Furthermore, this leads to difficulty in breathing. 

Congenital Heart Disease in Childhood

People who have had congenital heart disease in their childhood require continued care for their cardiovascular health even when they are adults. Routine check-ups with a cardiologist in Chennai or consulting a doctor online can help them achieve good heart health.

Habit of Smoking

Smoking at any point in your life increases your risk of developing heart issues. However, if you are regularly smoking, it is important to check with a cardiologist in Chennai or consult a doctor online and discuss your symptoms. 

Physical Inactivity

The 9 to 5 job has kept you glued to your seat all day, preventing you from having an active lifestyle. Then you must visit a cardiologist to understand the risks of getting heart issues. A moderate to vigorous workout can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

If you are 40 years or older, then you will have multiple risk factors which lead to heart disease. You should visit a cardiologist in Chennai to address your symptoms. However, heart issues can affect anyone at any age. You are never too young to live with a healthy heart. Furthermore, you can consult with a doctor online if you have a busy schedule. 


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