Production & Operation Analysis of Pepsi

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Production and Operation Management course is the part of Bachelors of Business Administration at Sukkur IBA University. To provide students with Practical orientation of industry along with `theoretical framework become crucial. This project is aimed to provide students with industrial understanding and applying their theoretical concepts to the industry. We have conducted our project on Pepsi (Sukkur Beverages Pvt. Ltd.) as part of this course.
Purpose Of Report
The purpose of this report to point out key understanding or take away’s from an interview session with representative of Pespsi. The highlighted areas are Function, Strategy, Project Management, Forecasting, Design of Goods and Services and Managing Quality. Along with these areas, we have to analyze the interview session, conclude the whole discussion and provide some recommendations.
About Interviewee
Interview was conducted from Senior Plant Manager & Production Manager of Sukkur Beverages (Pvt) Ltd. Because of his 20 years of vast experience in Production and Plant, his knowledge, skills and experiences made interview interactive.
Company Introduction
Sukkur Beverages was incorporated in September 1974 as a private limited company and the prime introduer of carbonated soft drinks in the Interior Sindh Regon and Bordering South region of Punjab. Initially it was a bottling plant of Coke however, converted to Pepsi in 1983 and since then has been a devoted ally in the mutual growth and achievement of the potential of the carbonated soft drinks market in the region. Franchise area is predominantly rural area with agro-based economy along with Mega Industries. Sukkur City is touched by 3 Highways and is the gateway to Baluchistan and franchise area encompasses a population of around 20 million with annual per capita consumption of CSD being 43 (8 Oz) with huge potential of future growth.

Operations and Productivity
Q.1 In order to create goods and services what are the functions that your organization has perform?
Ans. When we are talking about beverage industries they must perform 3 functions that are essential for them in this regard the pepsi also fallow this functions as their Marketing activities involve identify market, promotion of new product, as for production and finance is concerned they said we generally follow the rules of industry such for production we use technological instruments and for finance we make reports and statements such as Income statement, balance sheet.
Q.2 What are the tool and equipment you have use for product development?
Ans. For success of company which is global is very important because culture to culture or country to country company must follow the standards of product development and use latest instruments to develop best product and as we see Pepsi they used hi tech machinery, Research and Development for designing of product, use wide range of human and financial resources that are needed to produce a new product
Q.3 Can you tell us about how many distribution channel you have and how you manage them (Through Computer you exchange information or any department you have to manage your supply chain)?
Ans. Globally companies mostly make distribution channel in order to reach to the targeted customer and sometime many organization made department to manage the supply chain however the Pepsi have not any department for managing supply chain, but Pepsi use those distribution channel that are lying on rules and regulation of pepsi and when the product is finally create they distribute the product through different channel such as pepsi distributor, whole seller and retailer, Operation Manager also said that we have purchase the distributor which means they do FORWARD INTEGRATION.

Q.4 On what basis you decide to purchase the raw material from that supplier on what conditions?
Ans. Some companies make raw material for themselves but some time companies may purchase raw material from their supplier with or without any condition but Pepsi operation manager said that they didn’t make raw material they just purchase raw material from different supplier such as Karachi, Lahore and some time international they purchase the raw material on the basis of standards that are set by PCL, standards like raw material quality, he is enough skills or equipment and capacity to deliver the raw material timely.
Operations Strategy

Q.5 Tell us about how you manage quality and which steps do you monitor quality of product (Input-Process-Output)?
Ans. Companies that produce product are more likely to assure the quality of product and they use some strategies to manage quality through making separate cell or department of quality assurance or do it by operation manager by himself and if we see Pepsi who was globally operate are follow the standard of international suc


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