Step by step guide to prepare custom hemp boxes for your CBD business

custom hemp boxes

Creating custom hemp boxes gives you multiple benefits. Hemp boxes are biodegradable, so your customers can feel good about using them, and hemp naturally repels pests like silverfish and bed bugs while keeping food fresh longer because it absorbs ethylene gas and prevents it from spoiling your food. But what’s the best way to prepare custom CBD boxes? Here’s how you can prepare custom hemp packaging boxes that are ready to ship out in no time at all!

The first step is to procure the raw materials

The CBD packaging boxes are designed with the customers’ specific needs in mind, so the first step is to procure raw materials that meet their requirements. When looking for hemp boxes, one should look for a company that has the right materials. There are different types of raw materials that can be used as the base material.

One of the most common bases is kraft paper. Kraft paper is strong and durable with a natural white color that makes it perfect for printing on. Other possible options include recycled cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and plastic. For people who want a customized design but have restrictions on the type of packaging they can use, there are other options such as hemp chipboard which are 100% hemp-based with no formaldehyde added in the production process.

Next, you will need to cut the hemp fabric to size

Now, you will need to cut the hemp fabric to size. For this purpose, you’ll need a measuring tape and scissors. First, measure the length of one side of your custom hemp boxes and then measure the width of your fabric on that same side. The two measurements should be in inches or centimeters–whichever measurement system you prefer. Then, take this measurement and multiply it by 2. This is how wide the fabric needs to be on each side of the hemp box.

However, measurements will largely depend on the size of your products and how many products you want in each box. Cut a piece of hemp for each side, but make sure that it is at least two inches wider than your product so that you have a margin for error during assembly.

Once the fabric is cut, you will need to sew the sides of the box together

After cutting out the fabric, you will need to sew the sides of CBD packaging boxes together. For this tutorial, a 1/2 seam allowance is used. It means that when you are sewing the box shut, start 1/2 in from one side and sew up and over. When you reach the end, stop before you reach the other side of your fabric.

It will leave a small opening for turning your hemp boxes right-side-out (RST). Pull on each corner of your opening until it is large enough for you to insert your hand into and pull out the contents inside (the seams are now on the inside). Work your way around until all four corners have been turned out.

After the box is sewn together, you will need to attach the lid

Hemp packaging boxes are sewn together and the lid is then attached. The rim around the inside of the lid is overlapped with a seam allowance, typically 1/8 inch in width. It’s important to line up both edges when sewing so that the seam doesn’t show on the outside of the box. Sewing along these edges will also create a crisper edge than when sewing along just one side or corner of the box. As you’re securing your thread in place, make sure it’s not pulled too tight against your material or it might break through and show on the other side.

Finally, you will need to decorate the box as desired

Decorating custom hemp boxes is easy and can be done in any way you want! First, you will need to measure the length of the box to make sure it’s long enough for your product. Then, decide on a design for the exterior of the box. You can paint or draw directly on the cardboard or use stickers, stencils, crayons or anything else you can think of. You can also wrap it with fabric or paper if you prefer something more colorful and sturdy. For an added touch, decorate inside as well as use markers, stickers and whatever else strikes your fancy.


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