Valant EHR VS DrChrono EHR: Why not Both?


Valant was created specifically for mental health practitioners with the purpose of helping in the management and streamlining of operations. It is used by professionals, agencies, and behavioral health clinics to provide better care and improve patient outcomes. DrChrono EHR offers an All-in-One electronic health record and medical billing system that improves patient care and productivity. It is compatible with EPCS, HIPAA and I-STOP standards and is suitable for all sizes of practices, regardless of their size.

This review will highlight the main features, pricing and reviews of Valant EHR, DrChrono, as well as the demo. We have all the details.

Valant EHR and its Characteristics:

The software offers integrated billing, e-prescribing and patient portals, as well as payment services, clearinghouse, and comprehensive reporting tools. Access to patient records is made easy by the scheduler. The schedule allows users to view multiple provider calendars, search availability, create over a dozen appointment types and mark attendance for individual or group appointments. It also permits them to initiate telehealth visits and document sessions. The scheduler can also apply payments.

All features are specifically designed to promote mental health and keep the system simple and free from unnecessary fields and clicks for personnel and physicians. Valant EHR is unlike other electronic health records solutions. It incorporates outcome measures with automatic scoring, tracking, and tracking. You and your providers can negotiate higher payment rates with payers, while providing data-driven care for better patient care.

Valant EHR Key Features:

Simple Scheduling:

A customizable calendar can make it easy to manage almost all aspects of your practice. You can organize your appointments well in advance and color-code them to make it easy for you to refer to. It is also very simple to find information about a patient.


This information can be used to improve the management of a healthcare organization’s quality of care and financial position. These solutions allow clients to be more involved in their care. This leads to improved clinical outcomes and increased reimbursement rates.

HIPAA-based Telemedicine:

Video sessions incorporate advanced authentication mechanisms from both the provider side and the client side. This ensures that virtual visits are kept private and conform to HIPAA rules. These functions are seamlessly integrated into the EHR platform currently in use.

Valant EHR Pricing:

The pricing options for Valant EHR have not yet been published on the software’s website. This is because the software offers a customizable pricing model. Users can also create their own packages. For a customized quote, you can contact the vendor.

Valant EHR Demo:

The website offers a free demo that will allow users to gain insight into the software’s functions and characteristics.

Valant EHR Reviews:

74% of the users who reviewed the system’s ease-of-use and usability commented that they found it easy to use. A number of users who reviewed customization also praised its ability to personalize.

DrChrono EHR and its Details:

The DrChrono EHR could be the right solution for professionals and healthcare institutions that want to manage the health and well-being of their patients in an efficient and simple way. Because of its flexibility and extensive feature set, many healthcare institutions have adopted the Electronic Health Record Management System. Both patients and employees benefit from DrChrono EHR’s flexible tracking and management options. This cloud-based software solution eliminates the need to have additional servers built by healthcare institutions. The software’s HIPAA compliant data center guarantees the security of all stored data.

DrChrono EHR Key Features:


DrChrono’s electronic medical record (EHR), is designed to make it easy for patients and save them time. A variety of templates are available for users who want to personalize their appearance. DrChrono EHR also has a number of features that make it easier to use. These include sketching tools, speech to text input and baseline health data systems.

Communication is easy:

DrChrono EHR facilitates communication between doctors and patients by offering a portal for patients to access. This allows medical professionals to direct patients to their own health records where they can review their medical history and current condition.

Patient Engagement:

DrChrono EHR gives users the ability to manage patient interactions, schedule patients and run clinic operations seamlessly. The software can remind patients of their appointments and reminders can be sent to them via email and text messages.

DrChrono EHR Pricing:

Although the software is free to try, pricing information for other models of software is not available. If users need a rough estimate or a custom plan, they can contact the vendor.

DrChrono EHR Demo:

Are you still unsure whether or not to buy the software? You can schedule a demo on the website to see how it works.

DrChrono EHR Reviews:

It is easy to learn how to use DrChrono EHR. Both in-patients as well as out-patients have access to an efficient and simple scheduling tool. The software also offers a complete practice management solution that includes many tools and services.

Final Analysis: Which software is better?

DrChrono EHR offers comprehensive capabilities that most customers find easy to use, especially when accessed via an iPad app. Valant EHR, an online EHR platform for mental health professionals, is available. It has an intuitive user interface, extensive reporting and billing capabilities.

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