What to Know and How to Prepare Before LASIK


A vision correction procedure is a life-changing decision, and you should know a few things before getting LASIK Eye surgery in Delhi. You must be well educated about all aspects of the procedure to be prepared before and after surgery.

The prime objective of LASIK eye surgery is to correct the cornea to better focus on the retina and achieve better vision. This effect is achieved by using two lasers.

On the day of your LASIK eye surgery, you can expect the following:

Your surgeon or doctor will monitor your eye to determine whether your eye history is good or not and whether LASIK could be performed.

Numbing eye drops will be applied to both eyes, and you will be given a sedative.

Your surgeon will use a femtosecond laser to create a thin circular “flap” on your cornea. The flap will then be folded back, allowing your surgeon access to the stroma or underlying cornea.

What you should know before getting LASIK:

  1. It is essential to follow all pre-operative instructions.

Your eye specialist will likely advise you to stop wearing contact lenses and makeup for a week before your LASIK procedure. Although it may be inconvenient, it is essential to follow these guidelines.

Wearing contacts changes the shape of the cornea. If you don’t wear them before the procedure, your corneas will return to their natural form, and the LASIK procedure will ensure optimal vision.

Wearing makeup, lotions, or perfumes can increase the risk of infection after surgery, so it’s best to stop using these products before the procedure.

  1. Eye drops are for an additional fee.

When you get LASIK, you will receive a list of drops to take before and after the procedure. In most cases, these drops are an additional cost that is not included in the system’s total price.

  1. LASIK is a rapid procedure.

The average length of the LASIK procedure is 8 minutes per eye. The use of mild sedatives helps to limit discomfort. Many patients make a full recovery in as little as 24 hours.

  1. Many notice an improvement in vision immediately after surgery.

A nap is recommended after the procedure to promote healing and prevent eye rubbing. Most patients experienced an improvement in vision upon awakening from a 4- to 6-hour post-procedure sleep.

  1. You may experience sensitivity to light.

Many LASIK providers provide patients with clear glasses to protect them from rubbing their eyes after the LASIK procedure. However, in the days after LASIK, it’s also helpful to have a pair of dark sunglasses to help with any light sensitivity, as things may seem brighter than usual.

  1. The post-procedure eye drop schedule is lengthy and necessary.

To promote healing, it is essential to use eye drops after the procedure. In addition to speeding up the healing process, eye drops prevent infection. Missing the drops could jeopardize recovery and eye health.

  1. Take time to heal.

Although most patients have a clear vision and are comfortable driving independently to their one-day post-op appointment, it is essential to allow adequate time for recovery. A maximum number of patients quickly get the return to their daily day-to-day activities.

  1. Ask if follow-up appointments are included.

Ask if the doctors include follow-up appointments cost as various doctors don’t include follow-up appointment costs in the total discharge bill. If these are not included in the price, additional fees will apply for these appointments.

Before imagining life with clear vision after LASIK vision correction, check out these seven ways to prepare for LASIK. The average length of the LASIK procedure is 8 minutes per eye. The use of mild sedatives helps to limit discomfort. Many patients make a full recovery in as little as 24 hours.

  1. Drink more water before the procedure

It is essential to drink plenty of water before any procedure unless your doctor tells you otherwise. You are doing yourself a big favor with LASIK by increasing your water intake! During the hot summer, increasing your water intake will help you stay hydrated and support the healing process after the procedure.

  1. Stop wearing contact lenses when your eye doctor tells you to

Before your LASIK procedure, the eye doctors at the Diagnostic Eye Center will instruct you to stop wearing contact lenses for at least one week for soft contacts and one month for hard contacts. This is because wearing contacts can change the shape of your cornea and affect the results of your LASIK procedure.

  1. Plan a comfortable outfit in advance

It depends on what you wear during the LASIK procedure. You will be awake during LASIK, so it is vital to wear comfortable clothing. Stick to loose clothing that you can easily take off when you get home.

LASIK is a safe and sterile procedure, but taking extra care to prevent fibrillation is also essential.

  1. Take a caretaker with you and also someone who can take you to the hospital

You are not sedated during LASIK. Instead, you put numbing eye drops in your eyes. If you are nervous about the procedure, you may be given medication to help you relax.

Numbing eye drops to ensure you will never feel any pain during LASIK. These drops disappear a few hours after the procedure.

Even if you are not sedated during LASIK, you are not allowed to go home after it.

Most LASIK patients are cleared to drive during their follow-up visit the next day. Once your eye doctor removes you, you can go back to driving.

  1. Read your papers

The Diagnostic Eye Center team will provide you with a LASIK consent form before the procedure. After reading your documents, we are happy to support you by answering any other questions you may have about LASIK at our practice.

  1. Do not wear makeup, perfume, or lotions on the day of LASIK

Do not wear heavy makeup, perfumes, or lotions on the day of the procedure. The morning after LASIK, you should shower and make sure your face is clean of all dirt. Also, remember to leave out any perfumes.

Do not apply any lotions on your hands or face, as this can cause oily skin. You’ll want to go into your LASIK procedure clean and prepared, and wearing oily creams can get in your eyes.

Driving off into the sunset with my arms hanging off the car

  1. Plan your next summer adventure!

After LASIK surgery, you will need a day to rest before you resume your regular activities. After that, it’s time to explore your brand new vision! Our patients are thrilled to wake up the day after the procedure with sharp and clear vision.


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