Five Best Features To Look For In Your Next 15-Litre Geyser

15-Litre Geyser
15-Litre Geyser

Geysers have become an essential electrical appliance that provides you with warm water during monsoons and winter. Sustaining the Himalayan cold is nearly impossible with a proficient geyser at home. If you are planning to purchase a 15-litre geyser for your house, there are quite a few essential attributes you need to consider. There are countless best geyser brands available in India for you to choose from. 

You can purchase the best 15-litre geyser that perfectly aligns with your requirements. To help you with additional information, here are the top five best features to look for while choosing your next 15-litre geyser.  Keep reading to know more!

Instant / Storage:

There are two types of geysers namely Instant geysers and Storage geysers. If you are looking for a small, compact geyser that can heat water soon, then an instant geyser is the best geyser to go with. Whereas storage geysers are something that occupies quite a larger space, and at the same time, it takes quite a period of time to heat. 

One advantage while using storage geysers is that you can use the hot water even after a specific period of time. Instant heaters have a quite longer lifespan compared to storage geysers. There are also different litres capacities available in storage geysers, which is better to choose based on your needs or capacity. 

Geyser Size:

When you are looking for a geyser, one important factor to look for is the size of the geyser. This is considered important because when you have a small bathroom, and if you tend to choose a bigger geyser or large capacity geyser considered as the best geyser, your bathroom space will be occupied, and at the same time you may regret every time when you step into the bathroom. The same happens in the case of vice versa condition. If you are confused about choosing the size of the geyser, then here are some of the simple techniques that will make it easier for you to go with.

  • If you are a small family consisting of 4 members, then 6 – 8 litres will be the best geyser to go with.
  • Else if you are a family of 8 – 12 members then 15-litre geyser is the right option to go with.

In other cases, like, if you size of the bathroom is big, you can even go with an option based on your budget or needs accordingly.

Geyser Wattage:

Wattage is nothing but the amount of time needed to heat the water present in the geysers. Instant geysers are the best geyser since they have high wattage to heat in an instant and at the same time avoid` water heating without any specific cause. 

If you want to know the exact number, approximately instant has a wattage of about 4.5KW, whereas storage has lower wattage of about 2KW. The 15-litre geyser wattage amount is quite low since you can store water and even use them after a specific time period.

Electric Consumption: 

This is also one of the important factors to be considered when choosing the geysers for any of your purposes. Most of us prefer geysers to consume less electricity because the electricity bill unit is rising even when it exceeds a specific unit amount. So, make sure to check the BEE star ratings before buying the geyser. 

Opting for the 5-star rated geyser for your home will help you save a lot of money on monthly power bills. Make sure to check the right and best geyser, instead of just pointing to any specific litre geyser-like a 15-litre geyser.


A geyser storage tank is generally prone to get heated and corroded considering the continuous heating element. If your storage geyser is continuously exposed to hand water, it is completely natural since the durability will get affected. 

To protect or avoid these kinds of problems make sure to check the coating present in the storage device for better usage. Ensuring the durability of the geysers before making your purchase is very important. No matter whether you are planning to purchase a 10 or 15-litre geyser. 

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