How to Solve a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube in Three Simple Steps

rubik 3x3 magic cube,

So you’ve bought your first 3×3 Rubik’s Cube and can’t quite figure out how to solve it? Don’t worry – it’s normal! While most folks don’t realize this, the simple fact that you can hold the cube in your hands means you are more than capable of solving it. Whether you want to impress your friends, or just want to impress yourself, here are three steps to solving any 3×3 Rubik’s Cube.

Step One: The White Cross

If you are trying to solve the rubik 3×3 magic cube, the first thing you will want to do is orientate the three layers such that they each have a white cross with one of its sides touching the center square. This will give you a good idea of what order the pieces should be assembled because as long as they stay oriented like this, nothing can get stuck or turn wrong. If it does not have a white cross, just start with any three adjacent layers of you’re choosing. While there are many ways to solve a rubik 3×3 magic cube, we recommend solving from the top down. The video below demonstrates an algorithm for assembling the upper layers using layer 5 (the last layer) and these instructions for rotating and positioning each layer as it goes on: Make sure the piece is fully inserted into the face before turning and don’t force anything if it doesn’t seem to fit. In order for our algorithm to work correctly, try turning one piece at a time without any other manipulations during the algorithm (no twisting, flipping, etc).

Step Two: The White Corners

Step two is the white corners. You will need to solve these first because they won’t be visible once you’ve solved the other colors. The best way to start this step is by first solving the top layer so that the white corner pieces are on top of each other. Pick up the upper-left white corner and place it on the upper-right position on that same layer, then do the same for all four corners. This should give you some space to work with. Now just rotate those bottom layer pieces until the remaining white corners pop out from under them. Remember to only turn one piece at a time! If your cube has never been taken apart before, there may be parts stuck together from excess plastic or metal pins. To get these pieces apart, try using an alcohol wipe or hair dryer! Now repeat steps one through three on this new second layer and voila: you have solved the 2nd dimension!

Step Three: The Yellow Face

The yellow face is the final face of the cube. If you are solving with your right hand, it is the top-right corner of the cube. The last layer of squares must be oriented correctly before you turn this layer. This step can be frustrating if you have already made a lot of mistakes, but take your time and think about what moves will solve one line at a time. First, orient two corners so that their edges match up at an angle (either horizontally or vertically). Now rotate these two corners until they form an L shape with each other. Keep rotating them until they make complete lines on both sides of this L shape and then move on to do the same thing with the other two corners. Remember not to flip any pieces over while doing this! Once the last layer is solved, congratulations! You now know how to solve a rubik 3×3 magic cube!


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