GB WhatsApp Pro APK download for Android 2023


This article will focus on GBWhatsApp Pro, which you can download here. This article will explain the features and how to install this mod. It will also help you avoid getting confused so you can easily download it. Read the entire article to learn more about GBWhatsApp Pro.

Theme Store:

The most recent version of GBWhatsApp Pro offers a theme shop that contains so many amazing and beautiful themes. Any of these themes can be selected and used in your app.

File-Sharing is an application that allows you to share photos, videos, audio files and documents with more people than the original WhatsApp. This allows you to send your contacts more than 15 MB video and 100 MP3 audio.

Message scheduler.

This feature allows you to schedule messages to other contacts, but you forget the dates. This app has a fixed crush which makes it slow.

Fingerprint lock:

To protect your WhatsApp messages, you can create a fingerprint WhatsApp app lock. You can now write complete sentences in this app. This app is great for sharing messages via your WhatsApp status.

This feature is also available in official GBWhatsApp.


A message sent by someone to you and that you have not read before it was deleted will be retained. Even after the message has been deleted by the sender, you can still read deleted messages. This is also true for Statuses. Even if your contacts were deleted within 24 hours, you can still see their statuses. However, these statuses won’t be deleted. These statuses will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Multiple Languages:

With GB WhatsApp Pro APK you can set the default language to any one of the listed languages. This feature is for users who cannot understand English.

You can send a message to anyone, even if they’re not on your contact list. You can now make a call without saving the number to your phone.

GB WhatsApp Pro Web – GB WhatsApp Pro Apk can be used on computers as well. Simply scan the barcode from your account using the camera on the phone you are using to perform this mod.

Pop Notification: This feature is for those who are concerned about missing important messages. You will get pop-up notifications after activating this feature. This feature allows you to see all messages.

You can also share locations with the FM WhatsApp Download edition. You can share your location to help friends reach you if you are in danger or need to get help.


We have a lot more privacy options now that we have this mod. It also includes the best features of WhatsApp. To protect your privacy, you can use any one of these options.

Hiden Blue ticks on the chat screen. Hide Second ticks after you read messages.

Change font style: To give your screen a fresh look, you can change the fonts. You also have new customization options with this mod. For example, you can change your font style using a variety of fonts. You can also change the fonts in Arabic and English.


This article was about GBWhatsApp Pro. We have detailed information about this WhatsApp Mod in this article. This mode will offer you more features than the original WhatsApp. You can choose to install the app or play protect will warn you. If you wish to use this mod for audio-sharing and messaging, download the APK file from GB WhatsApp Pro.


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