Best Rightnetworks Alternatives for the QuickBooks Hosting 

Quickbooks Hosting

You’ve heard this time and time again – It’s important to adopt new technology and grow your business further than continuing with outdated technology. It’s true with using business applications, particularly QuickBooks which is a highly-advanced accounting software loved by businesses across the globe. In the accounting category, QuickBooks Hosting encompasses more than 60% market share, says statistics.  

The software is power-packed with impressive features to handle accounting, inventory, payroll, and more. However, it is best utilized when backed by the power of the cloud in the form of QuickBooks Hosting. After the long and exhausting year 2022, 2023 is just around the corner and so is its tax season.

Search for ‘QuickBooks Hosting’ and you will most likely come across Right Networks as one of the QuickBooks hosting providers. But what if you want to select some other cloud solution provider? What are the available QuickBooks hosting alternatives? In this post, we will make you aware of a leading QuickBooks solution provider, giving you the reasons why you should look no further.  

Ace Cloud Hosting – Right Networks Alternatives for QuickBooks Hosting 

Let’s start with the ‘Why’ behind this recommendation – 

You want to deal with the next tax season without worrying much about the work. Irrespective of whether the work is quite significant, you want to deal with it efficiently and plan for achieving the next level of growth. Certainly, this may not be possible when you have QuickBooks hosted locally on the computer systems, though the software automates various accounting tasks. Besides this, you also want to prevent IT issues that can lead to an uncalled halt in the work processes. In short, you need the best hosting solution to utilize the features of QuickBooks maximally. 

Ace Cloud Hosting can help you with that, being one of the most reliable QuickBooks hosting providers having 14+ years of experience in the industry. Certainly, the journey to make the transition to the cloud becomes a lot smoother when your cloud provider can help tackle business-specific issues. With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can achieve that fairly easily.  

Want to know more? Let’s uncover the benefits of switching to Ace Cloud Hosting to host QuickBooks on the cloud.  

  1. Complete Protection From Cyber Threats 

When was the last time you faced security issues while dealing with a client’s data and then failed to regain lost clients? In general, technical glitches can happen anywhere and at any time. But very few of them, like unauthorized intrusion data leaks, can lead to a long-term impact on the business reputation. If you’ve yet to make the transition to the cloud, now is a good time to join hands with Ace Cloud Hosting and avail of their cloud security benefits. 

They have invested in multiple security measures to ensure 360-degree protection of your data and QB application. For example, their firewalls keep a check on external attacks and prevent malicious network traffic from accessing your cloud-hosted data. This is further backed by the Intrusion Detection and Prevention System that strengthens security to the next level. Multi-factor authentication, 256-bit data encryption, and network monitoring – the list of security checks go on with Ace Cloud Hosting. 

  1.  Ease of Extending Remote Work Environment 

Some companies are now thumbing their noses while witnessing the Great Resignation and insisting employees come back to the office. However, many others still feel that remote work is here to stay. As per projections, 25% of all professional jobs will be remote by the end of 2022 and remote work opportunities will continue to grow in 2023 as well.  

If you also want to extend the remote work facility to your employees, it is also important to set the technology and remote work policies in place. QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solutions offered by Ace Cloud Hosting can help you benefit from the remote work culture. Being an Intuit-authorized QuickBooks hosting provider, Ace Cloud Hosting keeps on upgrading the service quality so that your teams can continue to work together and collaborate more often than earlier. The reliability of the cloud environment they support can give your business a competitive edge. 

  1. Multiple Device QuickBooks Accessibility 

At its core, QuickBooks hosting simply means hosting the licensed software on a remote cloud server instead of the local computers installed in your office. In both remote work environments and otherwise, you would want to benefit your team from accessing the cloud-hosted files from any device. Take the case of an employee (an accountant) who uses QuickBooks extensively as a part of his day-to-day activities. If he does not own a laptop and the company-provided asset stays at the office, he won’t be able to work on urgent, time-bound tasks. 

Ace Cloud Hosting makes things easier for such needs by making QuickBooks easily accessible via any Internet-connected smart device – be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This way, you can be at peace that the device-agnostic facility powered by their cloud servers is there for remote software access on the go. At a granular level, you can also control the permissions of different users accessing cloud-hosted QuickBooks. 

  1. Unlimited Software Availability 

Various tax and accounting activities are time-bound, which means they need to be finished before a certain deadline. However, when faced with software or hardware-related technical glitches, there can be inevitable downtime affecting your work productivity. Also, the longer the delay, the higher the losses.  

You can stay well-prepared for such situations by selecting a suitable hosting plan offered by Ace Cloud Hosting. Being one of the most trusted QuickBooks hosting providers, they ensure unlimited availability of cloud-hosted QuickBooks software. In terms of technical numbers, you can benefit from their HPAC servers which are designed to support an SLA-backed uptime guarantee of 99.999%.  

The best part – this benefit is irrespective of the hosting plan you select from Ace Cloud. It means whether their ‘Essentials’ or ‘Business’ app hosting plan is suitable for your current needs, you can enjoy the maximum availability of QuickBooks software.  

  1. Time and Cost Savings 

How much do you spend on team parties and regular casual catchups at the workplace? If you do organize such events, you are most likely to spend more than a few hundred dollars for the party time.  

Turn the lenses around maintaining the best-in-class data security with on-premise QuickBooks software. You would certainly need to invest a significant amount to build the required infrastructure and then hire professionals for regular upkeep. If there is a specific expense capping, investing in one side of the business may require cost-cutting in the other, and that can be the workplace party moments.  

With Ace Cloud Hosting’s dedicated cloud solutions for QuickBooks software, you can save time as well as money. The basic hosting plan is priced at $34.99 and includes various cloud benefits, including remote software accessibility, top-notch security, team collaboration, and more. 

Right Networks Vs. Ace Cloud Hosting – Which One Should You Pick? 

Any external recommendation would be baseless and pointless unless you assess the business needs and compare them with the offerings of each of these solution providers. A detailed comparison is indeed, necessary to make an informed decision here.