How to Find the Right Temporary Impound Insurance Company?

Temporary impound insurance

We are working closely with various specialist insurance providers to make sure that our customers are getting the most reasonable impound insurance policy at suitable prices.

We have developed strong relationships with insurance companies and this allows us to compare impounded car insurance premiums and pass the best quotes for our clients.

Insurance for impounded cars

Standard insurance providers will not cover impounded cars and the pound staff will check if your insurance policy is valid for an impounded car. It is necessary that you take out the right insurance policy to avoid paying further costs and wasting your time at the police pound. The reason that most insurance companies do not offer insurance for impounded cars is that it is considered too high risk to insure a driver once they have committed an offense that has resulted in their car being impounded. It could well be driving without insurance or driving without a driving license.

Finding an insurance company that provides cover for impounded vehicles can often be very tough and time-taking. At Release my vehicle, it is our aim to take the stress away from the procedure and provide the impounded vehicle insurance that you need.

Impound insurance

We can also provide a temporary impound insurance policy that you need to collect your impounded car from the police pound and are more than happy to speak to the pound to confirm that the insurance policy is in place and covers your impounded vehicle.

In most cases, you can release your vehicle the same day providing that you have the documents needed and you will be required the following documents

  • Proof of valid insurance
  • Full driving license
  • Proof of ownership
  • A valid MOT certificate

Our professional insurance providers will be happy to discuss the procedure of retrieving the car from the pound and provide you with an insurance quote.

Release your impounded vehicle

If your vehicle has been impounded by the police, there are certain things. That you will need to do to release your impounded vehicle. As already mentioned, you will need an insurance policy, a driving license, and a valid MOT certificate.

It is imperative you collect your documents quickly as you will only have 14 days to release your impounded vehicle. And after the given deadline the vehicle will crushed or sell at auction. Another valid reason to act quickly is. That you will also have to pay a storage fee plus daily storage charges. Until the vehicle is retrieved. As long as you leave the vehicle in the pound, storage charges will increase. Once you have collected your documents. They will need to go to the pound that has been indicate on the impound notice handed to. You by the police at the time your vehicle was impound. You will need to take this notice to the police pound to get your vehicle release.

Temporary impound insurance from Release my vehicle

If your vehicle is impound by the police, you will need a specific type of insurance to release it. Release my vehicle is providing temporary impound insurance for cars and vans to get them out of impound. You can always contact us to get your vehicle out of the impound. Our UK-based call centers are open to help you. We can arrange insurance quotes in a few minutes. So, do not waste any time and reach us to release your vehicle.


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