Palau 2 Robert is Filled with Laughter in New Series


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Beginning of May until the beginning of October, the Palau 2 Robert in Barcelona will be the nerve center of intelligent humor made in Catalonia. A large exhibition dedicated entirely to the Tricicle company and its forty years of activity will provide visitors with joys, smiles and laughter, more necessary than ever in times of pandemic, but also notes of information, reflection and knowledge about one of the main groups on the contemporary Catalan and international scene.

The exhibition, curated by the architect Juli Capella , is organized by the Palau Robert , attached to the General Directorate of Dissemination of the Department of the Vice-presidency and of Economy and Finance, with the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies. Barcelona City Palau 2 Robert Council, the Culture Area of ​​the Barcelona Provincial Council and the General Society of Authors – SGAE Foundation.

The Tricicle company was founded in 1979 in Barcelona. Since then he developed an intense and remarkable professional career that lasted until 2020, when its members decided to say goodbye to the public and end their career as a group.

Their latest show, Hits, collected the main sketches of the different shows they had created throughout their career, and they gave themselves an “indefinite vacation” like Tricicle.

In short and speaking only of the theatrical works, more than 6,000 performances and more than 400 theaters visited in 20 countries around the world.×280&!4&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=J0ixx0swyt&p=https%3A//

Now is therefore a good time to review and take stock of his contribution to the scenic world within Catalan, Spanish and international culture. And it is also the opportunity to thank such a unique theater group for all the wonderful moments that their ingenuity has given us.

A first room summarizes the activity of Tricicle and shows who its members are, incorporating a brief biography of the three members of Tricicle, Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir and Carles Sans, with photos and some personal belongings.

A chronology of Tricicle’s main Palau 2 Robert milestones, related to the development of Catalan theater from 1975 to 2021.

The famous sketch of “I am a rogue, I am a man” in the program One, two, three, respond again, which marked the debut of the group and its launch.


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