What you need to know about Tradesman insurance

Tradesman insurance

Are you a tradesman? You must have suitable tradesmen insurance which protects you against several eventualities that unfortunately happen. With having this insurance you are protected from any losses, theft, stolen, and criminal activities. It makes your trade safe. Making the claim process with trade insurance is very smooth and straightforward. 

What is tradesman insurance?

A special type of business insurance that provides specialized cover against the risk factors involved in a professional trade. It offers variable levels of cover to your property,  tools related to your work, protecting you, and any accidental activity that happens to you or your employees including public liability, and employer’s liability. It protects you from extraordinary expenditure that happens in any situation. 

who is tradesmen insurance for?

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and unhappy customers, accidental damage to property, and injury to you or your employee. These unhappen things put you in a tough situation. With the right insurance policy, you can get away from that situation.

The most popular include is following:

  • Builders
  • Painters and decorators 
  • Carpenters
  • Business and management advisors
  • It contractors 

Do tradesmen need insurance?

It is not a legal formality. It is a recommendation to save u from inconvenience in the professional field. In trade, you have expensive tools that are used in work. If something goes wrong and you don’t have enough money for replacing the tools. Then insurance covers you in that situation and gives you the peace of mind you need.

Also, most people don’t choose to work with tradesmen who don’t have valid trade insurance.

 What does tradesman insurance cover?

Tradesman insurance policy coverage depends on the business you are involved in it. this insurance cover several different important aspects. The below-mentioned statements are the legal claims against you and other optional extras depending on your work. 

Public liability insurance:  this cover protect against legal fees and payment to another for a loss of injury or damage to themselves, or their property, through some type of carelessness.

Employer liability for tradesmen: this is a legal obligation for all companies that have any number of employees in their business including those who are unpaid or contracted staff. This cover will protect your employees if they become injured while working. 

Personal accident cover: this type will cover you if you are unable to work because of any major accident or you are disabled to work. 

Tool, machinery and hired-in plant cover: your business assets are very important to you. It’s your livelihood if any asset becomes damaged or stolen. Then you are liable to replace this asset. But if you don’t have enough money for purchasing new assets then what would you do? This insurance protects you in that situation. Own plant cover is insurance for the business assets you own. 
Contract works cover: This policy provides cover against an uninsurable event that’s happened during business operations and stops you from fulfilling a contract. For example, if you ship your products for trade with another country during shipping a seastorm happens and your products destroy in it. This insurance will cover the cost of your trade contract. 


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